Mastering Pricing Rates


Use our 20 years of Mastering expertise to give your music the care it deserves!


The final process of making an Album or EP for release is CD Mastering. Pro Audio Mastering is a secret weapon of all major artists and record companies. This is a very critical step for many reasons. The mastering engineer’s major goal is to enhance the overall sonic clarity as well as maintaining a consistent sound and volume level from song to song. Other processes such as editing, pre-gapping, fading in and out, noise reduction, and signal restoration can be applied as part of the mastering stage. [/1of2]


We use high end plug-ins and software specifically designed for Mastering, along with an accurate listening environment.
This will ensure that your songs will have a competitive sound and level
for CD replication, digital distribution and radio airplay.


Our rates are $90/hr, and we encourage you to be present for the session, although it is not mandatory. Mastering for final mixes typically averages around a half hour per song.


After your project is Mastered, we offer many formats for delivery, including high resolution files for iTunes as well as DDP (Disc
Description Protocol), which is a digital format that can be used for uploading your files directly for duplication or replication.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or to set up a meeting to discuss your Mastering needs.[/1of2_end]

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