Recording & Mixing

REC_MIXColorado Sound Studios has provided recording and mixing services for innumerable music projects over the years.  Celebrating 40 years in 2017, the stunning collection of new and vintage microphones and outboard gear rivals any professional first-rate studio in the world.   And it’s at your fingertips right here in Colorado—just minutes from Denver.


Recording in Studio A gives musicians the space to create.  From bands and drums, to choirs and ensembles, musicians can track live or work on overdubs.  This is the room to choose when you envision the quintessential world-class studio experience.  Studio B offers a vocal booth that is perfect for tracking individual instruments or recording vocals on your backing tracks.  When you need quality recording, but you don’t need the massive room, Studio B is a favorite choice.


Your mix is an essential element of the magic in your recording.  We take painstaking care to edit, tune, balance and pan, adding the perfect dose of effects to create your “sound”.  Our typical project starts with recording in the studio, then we produce a stunning mix, and finally pass it along to Tom for the final polish in Mastering.  We are often asked if we are able to mix, or remix, a project that was recorded outside of the studio.  The answer is, absolutely!  If you have a multi-track recording that needs to be mixed, we can make it happen.

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